AMP Hi Level converter 4 Volt RCA Remote Wire.



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All in 1 box for our customers that have a stock head unit but want to run a sub and dont have RCA’s or the remote wire. This box has RCA 4 volt Pre-outs to the amp, has a blue wire to the amp for turn on, and you need nothing to the dash at all, this box has it all in 1.

1. Converts car stereo speaker wire outputs to RCA cable outputs
2. Allows the addition of 2-channel or Mono amplifiers to factory to aftermarket stereos
3. Includes mountable remote controller of adjusting subwoofer lever from the dash
4. Provides amplifier remote turn on output without removing car stereo
5. Works with high power car stereos up to 80 Watts per channel
6. Easy to follow installation instructions




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